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  • The Eco Centre Is a former Lincolnshire County Council landfill site found on the outskirts of Skegness.
    The landfill was capped in the late 1980’s and straight away planted with a mix of Sycamore, Ash and Corsican Pine trees.
    Since then, huge effort has been made to convert it into a community resource and nature reserve (a local oasis of wildlife and calm).
    Over the last 25 years, the trees have been managed and many different species added by planting to provide a wide range of habitats for many types of plants and animals to live, some of them found only occasionally locally.
    An aim of the Centre Management Plan is to continue to develop various areas, create new habitats and encourage a wider range of species to use the diverse habitats at the Centre as their home.
    As a community facility, it is important to ensure that the Centre continues to develop and become used by more and more people year on year.
    People need green spaces to have the chance to spend time, reconnect with the natural world and be able to spend quality times with their families and friends in a safe, calm environment.